Renewing Your Green Card

Every 10 years lawful permanent residents (LPR) need to renew their green cards. You can tell when you need to renew your LPR card by the date of expiration listed on the card (I-551 card). Applicants can apply for renewal 6 months before expiration of their card. Applicants whose cards are lost or damaged may also apply for new lawful permanent cards. For applicants who have been lawful permanent residents for at least 5 years and who need to submit for a new card may consider this an excellent time to apply for citizenship.

You apply for renewal or for a new LPR (green card) card by submitting Form I-90 to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is important to seek out a consultation with an immigration attorney before submitting your application. With your application you will include the following: $540 fee and a copy of your LPR card. You will submit the application and then receive an appointment for your biometrics. You will need to have your photograph taken as well as your fingerprints on a designated date and time at a USCIS application support center. Please note that during processing immigration will review any criminal arrests that may have arisen in your past.

Once your application is processed then you will receive a new LPR card. Once you receive the LPR card you should inspect it closely to ensure that all information is correct. For example check the following: Is your name spelled correctly? Is your date of birth correct? Did USCIS list the correct date of lawful permanent residence? This is important because you will want to petition USCIS to pay for the costs of replacement for a new LPR card as soon as possible.

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