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Shobhana R. Kasturi

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My name is Shobhana R. Kasturi and I am a proud first generation immigrant. I am practicing immigration law to give voice to those who need it the most. I arrived in this country as a teenager and saw my parents work 10 hour days to raise my brother and I. I witnessed my parents (who were in their mid forties and fifties respectively when they arrived in the United States) make the sacrifices to keep a roof over our heads, educate and provide for us. I know what it means to have gone through consular processing, the interview pertaining to getting an immigrant visa, studying for the citizenship test, and going through the naturalization process. I know what it feels like to adjust to a new culture and environment. Most importantly, I understand the pride and joy of having an opportunity to reside in the United States and build a life here.

My personal experiences as an immigrant led me to choose a career in law to make a difference. I have spent part of my career representing children in juvenile court and also represented clients facing dire financial hardships. I have worked in a non-profit organization as well in larger law firms. I started my own firm because I want each and every client to know they count and will get the attention they deserve. In me, you will find someone who enjoys helping people and someone who is committed to making a positive impact. Outside of my professional life, I also am involved in volunteering within the surrounding community. Service and giving back is very important to me.

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Immigration law is my ONLY area of practice and it is more than just a job. To me it is about helping immigrants. Being a first generation immigrant, I can relate to what it feels like to go through the immigration maze. I invite to read my reviews online from current and former clients.

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601a waivers

Prior to March 4th, 2013, if you were an undocumented immigrant of an immediate relative of a US Citizen

Family Based Immigration

Family based immigration is whereby depending on your status in the US, you may be able to petition for your current…

Green Cards

Green Cards afford permanent resident status in the United States. One can acquire this via the following


USCIS issues RFE’s when they require additional documents to make a decision on a pending matter.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Naturalization is the process by which individuals meeting certain requirements can seek U.S. Citizenship.

k1 visa / Fiancée Visa

This visa allows a US Citizen to sponsor their fiancée (foreign national) to enter the United States for the purpose of getting married.

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Service to my clients is my number one priority.If you hire my firm, you will get individual attention. My approach is very much goal and solution oriented.

Immigration law is complex and details are very important. I will provide detailed analysis of your options. I will discuss all available remedies under the Immigration guidelines.

Please call 630-392-8101 or email me with a brief summary about your situation.

I am a strong advocate for my clients. You will witness this in every step of my representation. Immigration law is the only area I practice in and I am passionate about what I do.

Individualized service matters because you and your case are not just a number. In me you will find an attorney who is very much vested in the success of your case.
I am persistent and relentless in my advocacy for my clients.

An attorney who loves helping people and is passionate about practicing immigration law.