Request for Evidence (RFE)

Request for Evidence (RFE)

Request for Evidence (RFE)

USCIS issues RFE’s when they require additional documents to make a decision on a pending matter. RFE’s can be complex and should be taken very seriously. Failure to timely respond or completely respond can lead to the denial of a case.

Some common questions related to RFE’s:

The decision to hire an attorney is hundred percent yours. The value a qualified attorney brings is the skill set to understand what is being asked for, what is the burden of proof, what specific documentation is required, and what strategy to employ.

Usually one has 30, 60 or 87 days to respond depending on the petition and type of RFE. The USCIS notice will provide the absolute due date.

The RFE notice will have the address where the response needs to be mailed. Mail the petition well ahead of the deadline but making sure the response is complete is very important.

USCIS has up to 90 days to act on the RFE. If one does not hear for 90 days then USCIS can be contacted for a status update.

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