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reinstatement of F1 status (what does it take?)

reinstatement of F1 status (what does it take?)


Students from all over the world come to the United States to study. A F1 student who fails to maintain their status can fall out of status. Some ways that a student can violate the terms of theF1 are not to take complete course of study, failing to notify the school about their arrival or change of address or forgetting to renew their passport. If you have fallen out of F-1 status, but seek to resume your studies then you can apply for reinstatement. However there five month deadline by which you need to file for reinstatement.

(One cannot apply for reinstatement if they have had unauthorized work.)

What must an applicant establish to secure Reinstatement?

One needs to establish the following:

was not within your control. (such as a serious injury or illness, some disaster, and or a mistake by the DSO) OR was because of a reduction in course work not within your control and that the failure to secure reinstatement would result in extreme hardship.

Reinstatement Application Process

  • USCIS Form I-539.
  • A check for the appropriate fee $370;
  • Proof of why you qualify for reinstatement;
  • A newly issue I-20 form from your school;
  • copy of old I-20;
  • copy of financial support papers to prove that you can pay for your continued schooling;
  • copy of valid passport photo page as well as the page showing your latest visa entry stamp.;
  • copy of Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record;
  • copy of updated transcript and upcoming course registration;

How Long You’ll Wait for an Answer

The adjudication of these petitions can take several months. Please refer to the USCIS processing website to check on current processing times.

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