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M.S (on Google Review)
I’m fortunate to have Mrs Kasturi as our family immigration lawyer. Regardless of what nationality she did not refuse to help me. I’m Polish and I will encourage all Polish people who struggle with any immigration issues to talk to her. Mrs. Shobhana Kasturi is very approachable, fair,accurate and on time. Her work is truly above and beyond.God Bless You.

J.M (on Google Review)
Shobana is an extremely caring and talented professional with an iron clad dedication for her clients. She works tirelessly and explores every possible avenue for any problem you come to her with, I couldn’t find a better person to handle my legal queries than her, highly recommended.

V.P (on Google Review)
I met Ms.Kasturi to discuss about my parents green card process. She is an EXCELLENT ATTORNEY, is VERY EXPERIENCED & KNOWLEDGEABLE and a THOROUGH PROFESSIONAL. She gave us all the time to hear about our case, asked all the relevant questions and answered each and every question without rushing us thru the process. She put us at ease and discussed the entire process and the steps required to achieve our outcome.More…

M.K (on Google Review)
Shobhana Kasturi was very prompt and easily accessible whenever I needed her guidance.she is extremely professional and a to topnotch immigration attorney.

T.R (on Google Review)
We are very glad to have engaged Kasturi for our process. From the get go, it was evident that she was highly customer focussed than anything else. She took the time to walk us through the process and was diligent in gathering the required information + processing it. She is thorough and sincere with whatever she does. She is also a very pleasant person to work with. We found it easy and comfortable to work with her – would recommend her any time!

V.S (on Google Review)
Very good consultation. Very considerate lawyer. Everything explained very well. Answered all of our questions. My parents were comfortable in hindi language, she speaks the language, made everything a lot easier. She knows her work very well, knowledgeable, and does her because she likes it. She’ll help as much as she can, will give proper and appropriate guidance. time has been very well spent.There was nothing to regret, in any way shape or form.

see url Definitely Recommended!!

R.R (on Google Review)
I sought the services of Kasturi Law firm to help me with Naturalization Process. The experience of working with Shobhana could not have been better! By end of our Initial consultation I was ready to retain her services. She is poised, professional, intelligent and provided ample instructions of what documents to prepare. More…

T.K (on Google Review)
Professional and great not just as a lawyer but also as a person. She has been working on our case with dedication, always available to discuss matters and provide best results and solutions. Highly recommended, great work we wish you all the success and thanks for all your support.

T.D (on Google Review)
It was great to work with Shobhana. She spent a lot of time on our initial consultation to make sure that we understood the process and how she could help. The best part about working with her though is that she will be handling your case directly, and not a paralegal. We feel confident having her represent us.

B (on Google Review)
Miss Katsuri was very professional, very organized and never made us feel out of the loop. Though we did not go through with the procedure itself, if we ever were to attempt to come to the US from Canada, we would absolutely hire her once more. A+!

Y.T (on Google Review)
I am very glad to have her as my lawyer. Kasturi Law is very professional, caring, and explained things very well.

D.J (on Google Review)
I came to know of Kasturi Law as a referral by World Relief in Chicago. I couldn’t be happier to have found such a professional law firm as Kasturi Law. I definitely recommend them. Shobhana is such a great lawyer. She will take the time to explain everything to you and do her best to adjust to your schedule for appointments etc..

K.B (on Google Review)
I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Kasturi Law. Shobhana is very professional, welcoming and honest. Shobhana took the time to explain everything to me and go over all my extra documentation in her own time. This is I truly appreciated. Many immigration lawyers will just assume you know what they are talking about and won’t go into great detail- with Shobhana I felt well informed through the whole process. I would highly recommend working with Kasturi Law.The office is located downtown Naperville and easy to find.

S.B (on Google Review)
Kasturi Law helped me SO much, I recommend!

M.K (on Google Review)
Highly recommended and very professional.

R.A (on Google Review)
We began our journey towards attaining permanent residence for my wife by ourselves. To make a long story short, we found ourselves unable to move forward, and we were deeply concerned that things simply were not going to work out.
Then we found Shobhana. We met with her, she heard our story, and spent time understanding what our situation truly was. By the time we were ready to engage with her services, we were confident that Shobhana understood us and our position, and that she cared. From that point on, we had someone in our corner, a guide and an advocate. It was because of Shobhana’s willingness to go the extra mile for her clients, to explore every possible avenue and use every resource, that today I’m happy to say that my wife finally has her greencard.
What stood out to me about Shobhana throughout our working together was her dedication, and how she was completely invested in our case. Practically speaking what that means is that with her you can expect more than just an attorney who will follow rote procedure and be content with doing the viable minimum. In the end, it was Shobhana’s willingness to explore every avenue that resolved our case.
Words cannot express how grateful we are for Shobhana’s kindness, compassion, expertise, conscientiousness and dedication. Throughout our immigration process Shobhana was a steady and unwavering source of support. With her we always felt that we had the right person in our corner.
We are at last going to be able to focus on raising our family, and living our lives here in the United States, and we owe that entirely to Shobhana. We will never forget that without her we may have had to take a very different path, and she will always be in our thoughts.Simply put, Shobhana is a superlative attorney, and an even greater friend. We recommend her categorically and unequivocally. Whenever any and every friend, colleague, or acquaintance of ours asks for a recommendation or is in need of immigration assistance, Shobhana will be my immediate recommendation.

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