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Late to renew my daca please help

Hi ! I’m late to renew my daca for 1 year and 2 month so I have to do it like I’m doing it for the first time. My questions are what do I have to put in the questions where they ask me if I have a SSN and where they ask me about my A-number ….
Shobhana’s Answer
I think you posted earlier in the week on this related topic. You can submit a new application and Yes you have to answer all questions truthfully. You would need an updated police clearance letter. You will need to provide the physical presence evidence and you can use information you previously provided but you may need to add to it depending on when you file now. I really suggest talking to a qualified immigration attorney or a non-profit that may be able to help you with the daca application. good luck here.

Unemployed with valid EAD while I-485 is being processed

Is it okay for me to unemployed while I have a valid EAD card with AP endorsement and my I-485 is filed and being processed?
I was granted and maintained H-1B status from Oct 2009 onward. 2. I married a U.S. citizen in Feb 2015. 3. My spouse and I filed a combined I-130, I-765, I-131 and I-485 (permanent residency) in July 2015. 4. In Nov 2015 I received an EAD c…
Shobhana’s Answer
The ideal situation would be to maintain your h1b status via an extension or transfer. That said, if you marriage is bona fide and the approval is likely, it should not be an issue. Of course should the petition for AOS not be granted, then you would be accumulating unlawful presence.

1-751 Removal of Conditions

1-751 removal of Conditions with Family AssaultMy husband was brought under K-1 Visa in 2013. he received his Residence June 2014 and this year we need to remove the conditions on his green card. We had a problem in September 2015 and he was charged with Family Assault Class A misdemeanor in T…
Shobhana’s Answer
You definitely should consult with an immigration attorney who understands the implications of the criminal convictions impact on the removal of conditions application. You should take the certified disposition of the matter to the appointment as well as your criminal attorneys contact info. (Any violence/assault related convictions are taken very seriously so you need to make sure you have counsel who understands the impact of the conviction as it relates to the GC status. You can do a search on or among other resources. I would talk to 2-3 attorneys. You can also call the Houston Bar Association and see if they would provide a referral. Good luck to you